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Royalty Free Music Loops, Comes With PLR

RoyaltyFreeMusicLoops.jpg“100 Royalty Free music tracks (loops, MP3 files, total length is 3.5 hours) ranging from about 35 sec to 5.5 min in different tempo, style, mood etc. They are brand new, never released before!”

Download Royalty Free Music Loops With Private Label Rights Now!

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full speed action.mp3, action.mp3, breakbeat.mp3 0, action.mp3, happy piano drum.mp3, intense action.mp3, intense.mp3, melody relaxed piano.mp3, rythm.mp3, chill beat slow.mp3, funk.mp3 high tempo.mp3, electronic guitar tempo.mp3 1m05s groovy action.mp3, disco.mp3. disco.mp3, action.mp3 roll up.mp3, urban street mix.mp3, coctail party upbeat.mp3, disco.mp3, dance house.mp3, intense.mp3, piano percussion relaxed.mp3, piano upbeat.mp3, groovy funky.mp3, space techno.mp3, hard hip hop.mp3, relaxed upbeat.mp3, laid back.mp3, light relaxed.mp3, disco sax.mp3, electronica.mp3, melody.mp3, relaxed.mp3, disco medium.mp3, mellow.mp3 classic jazz piano.mp3, medium tempo.mp3, groovy positive.mp3, piano sax flute medium tempo.mp3, acoustic hip hop.mp3 1m53s house.mp3, , chill jazz laid back slow.mp3, , suspense.mp3, chill laid back slow sax.mp3, high tempo action.mp3, house disco upbeat.mp3, aggressive hard.mp3, disco.mp3, electronic hip hop.mp3, melody synth.mp3, techno.mp3, cool jazz guitar bass.mp3 rythm hop laid back.mp3, unplugged mellow.mp3, sax chill.mp3, acoustic flute.mp3, piano mellow.mp3 2m21s aggressive.mp3 2m21s elactropiano techno.mp3, celtic pipes.mp3, disco electronica.mp3, happy dancehall sax.mp3, laid back sax.mp3, funky hip hop 2.mp3, funky hip hop laid back.mp3, horror 2.mp3, rythm laid back.mp3, carefree relaxed.mp3, punk rock aggressive.mp3, piano unplugged.mp3, orchestral flute harp.mp3, reggea laid back bass.mp3, harmonica upbeat.mp3, groovy horn clav.mp3, relaxed sax.mp3, reggae dancehall sax 1.mp3 3m03s reggea dancehall sax 2.mp3, vibe harp melody.mp3, cool jazz accent sax guitar bass.mp3, cool jazz guitar bass sax.mp3, electronica strings.mp3, modern piano rock.mp3 3m22s rythm.mp3, electro rock action.mp3, break rythm.mp3, blues trouble.mp3, electronica piano medium tempo.mp3, synth house.mp3, reggea sax organ laid back.mp3, synth hop.mp3, carefree piano guitar.mp3, disco strings clav upbeat.mp3, electronic urban.mp3 4m45s downtempo piano strings.mp3, chill relaxed sax.mp3, relaxed voice sax.mp3, light rock piano organ.mp3, horror.mp3

Your license to this product: [YOU CAN] Can be sold [YOU CAN] Can be converted to any format [YOU CAN] Can be edited [YOU CAN] Can be offered as a bonus [YOU CAN] Can be included in a PAID membership sites [YOU CAN] Can be combined with other offers [YOU CAN] Can be turned into a CD [YOU CAN] Can claim yourself as the author or producer of the audio [YOU CAN] Can sell on eBay.com [YOU CAN] Can pass Private Label Rights [YOU CAN] Can be used as free web content [YOU CAN] Can be given away free [YOU CAN] Can be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites [YOU CAN] Can Pass Resale Rights [YOU CAN] Can Pass Master Resale Rights [YOU CAN] Can pass the source code MP3 files along to customers [No] Can be sold as a WSO [No] Can offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a Classified [No] Includes Sales Page

Download Royalty Free Music Loops Your With Private Label Rights Now!

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Royalty Free Music Loops, Comes With Private Label Rights
Royalty Free Music Loops, Comes With Private Label Rights
File Size: (311 MB)
Price: $USD 2.50
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